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Over the past couple months I have been working on a port of the very popular PureMVC framework to Objective-C.  PureMVC is the brainchild of Cliff Hall, who like many others had been looking for a framework that makes it easy to build Rich UIs, but he found that nothing out there really met the mark.  Thus was born PureMVC, a lightweight framework for creating applications based on the classic Model, View, Controller concept.  Its first implementation was in AS2 and AS3 for Flex/Air/Flash and is now the framework of choice for most when doing this type of development.

Ever since I started doing IPhone development (about 6 months ago) I was looking for something to help manage our code and provide conventions that allow for quicker development times.  I remembered PureMVC being a great framework back when I was doing Flex development, and was thrilled to see that it had been ported to several other languages.  Well then I thought why not for the IPhone?  Which is exactly what I ended up doing:)

Building out the core PureMVC framework in ObjectiveC has been fun and challenging, and I have learned a lot about the ins and outs of what is possible with the IPhone.  Over the next couple weeks I will begin sharing my experiences and some of my insights into building high quality, robust IPhone applications.  Stay tuned!

  • Dave: I can tell you're a ruby guy because you forgot the 'return' keyword. Thanks for the tip though!
  • Chandrashekhar H M: Hi, Thanks its working fine in iOS 6 but not in iOS 7.0. Any Suggestion on this.
  • Coeur: To change a rootViewController, without all this TVNavigationController : myNewRoot = [[UIViewController alloc] init]; myNavigationController.view