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TripCase for Windows Mobile

Posted on: June 20, 2009

So yeah…its known that I’m a Mac guy and have sworn off Windows. However, my recent project has me building TripCase on the Windows Mobile platform. We have already built for the iPhone. Brian is hard at work on the BlackBerry version. Needless to say…we are swamped. Anyhow, I digress.

So working with C# has been actually interesting. I am finding that I “like” the language. It reminds me of Java, done better. It has features that are kinda ruby like. I have also been using Linq. Its a query language for parsing all types of enumerables. For TripCase we built RESTful webservices that all of our clients interact with. With that said, we deal alot with XML on this project. Linq has actually been a big help. I’ll try to post some examples of its use later. I’m sure you uber Linq users will laugh at my elementary understanding…but hey…for us guys getting started…examples rock!!


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  • Dave: I can tell you're a ruby guy because you forgot the 'return' keyword. Thanks for the tip though!
  • Chandrashekhar H M: Hi, Thanks its working fine in iOS 6 but not in iOS 7.0. Any Suggestion on this.
  • Coeur: To change a rootViewController, without all this TVNavigationController : myNewRoot = [[UIViewController alloc] init]; myNavigationController.view
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